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We Convert a Deck into a Sunroom in Rhode Island!

You can convert your deck to a sunroom in Rhode Island! We know the process sounds like a big undertaking, and it is, but our contractors have the experience to make it happen. We work fast and efficiently so you can enjoy your sunroom as soon as possible. Plus, our rates are incredibly fair. You can ask us about our flexible financing programs and see if you qualify for low monthly payments.

We'll give you a no-obligation consultation before we jump into the job, followed by a FREE estimate. Our design team loves to meet with clients first to see their current deck and get a feel for what type of sunroom is desired. Do you want a screened-in porch, glass windows, etc.?

The possibilities are truly endless. We can't wait to give you the sun porch of your dreams! So, are you ready to get started with a zero-cost consultation? Call us right now to schedule!

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Sun Porches Bring So Much Enjoyment to Your Property!

Are you wondering how to build a sunroom on a deck at your Rhode Island home? Before you start Googling and watching YouTube videos, we want to let you in on a little secret...we can make the conversion for you! Our contractors are wildly talented and good at what they do. Plus, we only use top-rated materials so that your sunroom lasts a lifetime. Check out some of the incredible benefits of having a sun porch:

  • Increase Your Home's Value - If you're trying to sell your home but want to sweeten the deal so a prospective buyer will want to scoop up your offer, we suggest adding a sunroom. Not only does a sunroom add value to your home, but it can ensure a quick sale.
  • Adds Natural Light - Hey, they aren't called sunrooms for no reason! You'll be amazed by how much natural light comes into your home from adding a sunroom onto your deck. It's excellent for increasing vitamin D production.
  • Saves Money - Did you know that a sunroom makes your home more energy efficient? Natural light can reduce your need for interior lighting, thus saving you money on electricity. In addition, with the right windows and insulation, you may even see lower heating and cooling bills.
  • A Multi-Functional Space - When you convert your deck into a sunroom, you are creating a space for numerous activities like entertaining, a schoolroom, an exercise area, and much more.

We would love to speak with you about all of the benefits of adding a sun porch to your home. Would you have a few minutes today to chat? You can call, email, or fill out our handy online contact form.

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Convert a Deck to a Sunroom in Rhode Island Today!

Are you still considering turning your Rhode Island deck into a sunroom? We know you really want to do it, so why prolong the process? Your home is your castle and a place you consider a sanctuary. Wouldn't it be awesome to come home from work and have dinner on your sun porch? The difference between a sunroom and a deck is many things but primarily privacy. A sunroom allows you to completely block out the prying eyes and ears of nosy neighbors.

You can do whatever you please on your sun porch, and nobody will be less the wiser. Keep in mind the benefits we discussed earlier, too. A sunroom creates natural light to flood your home, lowers HVAC costs, and allows you to relax or entertain in any way that you desire.

Would you like to learn more about how to convert a deck into a sunroom? We've put together plenty of articles on our blog for you to read and enjoy. So feel free to visit our blog space right now!

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Professional Deck to Sunroom Conversions is Our Specialty in RI!

The Rhode Island Deck & Patio Builders love turning decks into gorgeous sunrooms. It's incredible what we can do! So, with the ideas of our customers and our designs team adding in a bit of their own magic, nothing less than stellar sun porches are born.

What will you use yours for? The possibilities are mounting! We would love to speak with you about the many features and accessories that you can have for your sunroom. From windows to wood, all materials are game.

Did you know that we have financing options available? If you're thinking that you have to pay for your entire conversation all at once, that simply isn't true when you go with our company.

Ask our staff today which programs are available for you. We want to reiterate that we're a licensed and insured business that enjoys building decks, patios, and sunrooms. Our goal is always 100% customer satisfaction.



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The new deck that was custom designed by The Rhode Island Deck & Patio Builders goes far beyond what we ever imagined in terms of quality and appearance. The crew was respectful, and they worked quickly, staying on time and within our budget. We're simply delighted with our new deck!
- John & Tara Noble

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When you want to make your outdoor area look better with a patio, deck, or pergola, we're the crew to call! Enjoy a lovely sunroom or deck that you can relax on or enjoy a place for your plants. Our company offers repairs, installations, conversions, and more! We only use American-made materials and durable products backed by rock-solid warranties.




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