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Maintaining relationships with outstanding decking material vendors in Rhode Island is a top priority of our company. We want to build decks that are strong, durable, and long-lasting. It's also important that we give you, the customer, lots of building material type choices. It's our goal to help you personalize the look and feel of your deck through our foolproof customization process. We want you to look at the finished project and be 100% satisfied.

Did you know that there are numerous styles and types of decks you can have in your backyard? The sky is the limit when it comes to what our design team can do for you. Just know that whatever you choose, your decking system will be built with the best products on the market.

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Superior Decking Types & Materials

When you're looking for custom deck options you've come to the right place!

Rhode Island's Gorgeous IPE Decking Options

When it comes to an alluring backyard oasis, you may wish to consider IPE decking in Rhode Island. IPE is a strong and durable hardwood that outperforms its softwood counterparts by leaps and bounds. Did you know that this type of deck material has a class A fire rating, which makes it a perfect place for a portable fire pit and grill? If you're environmentally conscientious, you'll love the fact that IPE wood is sustainably sourced. Another benefit of this premium decking material is that it is impervious to rot caused by water and wood-loving insects like termites. Finally, when you choose an IPE decking system, you're going with an incredibly attractive and long-lasting deck.

Beautiful Cedar Decking

Are you looking for a decking service option that will completely make your neighbors jealous? Cedar decking in Rhode Island is probably the most attractive option on the market. The very versatile wood can be customized to look any way that you want through wood stain, varnishes, and paint. We prefer to add a simple coat of deck stain to cedar so that its natural beauty can be enhanced and enjoyed for years to come. Did you know that cedar contains natural oils that preserve and protect itself from insects and the elements? As cedar ages, these oils increase, making your deck stronger and more durable over time. Talk about self-preservation! This means that your cedar deck is incredibly low maintenance.

Maintenance-Free Vinyl Decking

Are you looking for an extremely low-maintenance decking option in Rhode Island? Vinyl is the way to go! It's not just low maintenance; it is maintenance FREE! We like vinyl because it's durable, weather-resistant, and can't be damaged by bugs. Also, did you know that vinyl can be made to replicate wood and other fancy materials? This significantly cuts the cost of your decking project. Another perk of vinyl is that it can come in numerous colors and patterns that complement the look of your home and surrounding space. Unlike other materials, vinyl is incredibly easy to install and very lightweight. Are you curious to know more about this versatile material? Visit our blog for an in-depth explanation.

Durable PVC Decking for Rhode Island Homes

PVC decking, also known as polyvinyl chloride, is an excellent choice for your home deck space. It's far more durable than traditional wood planks and lasts a lot longer with minimal maintenance measures. Like vinyl, PVC material can be replicated to look like wood and comes in many colors and styles. One of the best parts about having a PVC deck in Rhode Island is how easy it is to keep clean. Spraying the area off with a garden hose is essentially all you need to do! A gentle rain can keep your PVC deck looking great. If you're looking for a deck that lasts, looks attractive, and comes in many styles, PVC is the right choice for you. Our deck builders can normally have this type of deck built in a day.

Eco-Friendly Aluminum Decking

It may come as a shock to some, but aluminum decking in Rhode Island has an excellent green profile. It's a non-toxic substance that does not emit any VOCs. If you or a family member suffers from allergies, and aluminum decking system will make your life much more enjoyable because things like wood and varnishes won't be a part of the equation. Aluminum is an extremely strong material that has proven to pass the tests of time over and over again. It's resistant to virtually everything the elements throw at it, like water, wind, UV rays, and insects. Have you ever seen aluminum catch on fire? Neither have we. Your aluminum deck will be fireproof, long-lasting, and incredibly charming.

Customizable Plastic Decking

Plastic composite decking in Rhode Island is versatile and available in every color under the sun. We like to install plastic decks in both residential and commercial spaces. You can get really creative with plastic in terms of color and pattern choices. Did you know that plastic is a much greener choice than what is generally perceived? The vendors that we use exclusively manufacture recycled plastic decking materials. A gorgeous composite deck can also increase the value of your property because of its weather-resistant characteristics and long life span. Are you wondering if a plastic deck is right for you? Call our design team today and schedule a FREE consultation. We would love to speak with you.

Pressure Treated Decking

Our Rhode Island company offers high-quality pressure treated decking services. What exactly is that? Glad you asked! Pressure treating is the process of adding chemicals to your wood deck that ward off insects, microorganisms (mold), and decay. Things like rain, snow, hail, and other elements don't stand a chance against a pressure treated decking system. Another benefit of having this treatment applied to your deck is that it makes the wood look even better than before by blasting away impurities and dirt. So, if you want your wooden deck to look great and last the long haul, you may wish to consider a pressure treatment application.

Brilliant Bamboo Decking

If you're looking for natural beauty, bamboo decking in Rhode Island is the answer. Exotic, warm, and inviting is what the bamboo wood is all about. Bamboo is naturally gorgeous, shows to be superior in terms of stability, is CO-2 neutral, offers a generous 25-year lifespan, and is surprisingly fire-resistant. This incredible material comes in numerous patterns and shades, which can all be mixed and matched to give your deck the depth and character of your wildest dreams. Did you know that bamboo can be installed in unique ways that are impossible with other materials? The possibilities are truly endless with this luxurious wood.

Maintenance Free Decking

Maintenance free decking for your Rhode Island home is a favorite among homeowners. The name speaks for itself. Materials like PVC composite, vinyl, and aluminum are all types of deck styles that do not burden you in any way. From being fire and weather-resistant to warding off insects, you can't go wrong with these materials. A maintenance free deck also tends to last much longer than its counterparts. You won't have to spend each summer season training your deck or countless hours waterproofing your wood with varnishes and chemicals that wash away after so many rainstorms. We'd love to tell you more about the various types of low-hassle deck options that e have available.

Superior Synthetic Decking in Rhode Island

At one time, synthetic decking  was almost unheard of. Why? Because the varieties were limited. Now, in the present day, we have over 60 different types of synthetic decking to offer our customers. When you choose to go synthetic, you select a weather-resistant material, low maintenance, easy to install, eco-friendly, and comes in many different colors, patterns, and texture options. One thing to keep in mind is that synthetic deck materials are a bit pricier upfront. However, they pay for themselves over time because they last forever and require zero preventative measures like staining and weatherization treatments.

Rhode Island's Unique Composite Decking

Composite decking material is an artificial substance that includes about a 50/50 mix of recycled wood fibers and plastic, making it an incredibly green product. PVC is an example of composite material. Many homeowners opt for a hybrid decking system because it doesn't succumb to rot, insects don't bother it, and extremely low maintenance. You can essentially clean composite decks using a broom and a garden hose. Or, you can simply let the elements take care of the cleaning business for you when it rains. There are multiple features available with composite decking that make this material an excellent choice for anyone that wants a customized look.

Fabulous Outdoor Decking Options

Outdoor decking in Rhode Island is a must-have for any homeowner who wishes to add curb appeal, value, and zest to their property. The possibilities that come with having a deck include an open area for entertaining, relaxing, and making many memories with your friends and family over the years. You have multiple choices when it comes to the style and looks of your deck. Our company offers every material you can possibly think of, from wood to aluminum, and we look forward to personalizing your outdoor deck. Will you have a covered deck? Stairs? Specially designed handrails? A ramp for accessibility? Tell us what you have in mind, and we'll bring your ideas to reality.

Charming Veranda Decking

Building a veranda over your Rhode Island deck is an incredible decision! Verandas make your deck space useable when the weather isn't exactly complying with your plans. Rain and super sunny days protect you and your friends from having your BBQ completely ruined. Verandas are increasing in popularity all over the country and in other parts of the world like the UK and Australia. Plus, these versatile structures come in many attractive looks and designs. You can up the value of your home by simply installing a veranda. Is there a veranda in your future?

Whimsical Garden Decking in Rhode Island

Imagine the extraordinary atmosphere of having a garden decking system. Garden decks are exquisitely charming and add depth and character to your flowerbeds, shrubbery, and even vegetable plants. Think of a garden deck as your own little oasis away from the rest of the world. As far as materials go, you can choose bamboo, composite plastic, synthetic vinyl, or anything else that you fancy. We love installing decks in gardens because they're always breathtakingly creative. So how can we breathe new life into your garden with a deck today? Call us now and set up an appointment for a FREE consultation with our design team to get started.


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