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Are you thinking about patio installation in Rhode Island? We'd love to help you put together the perfect model that fits the look of your home. Our patio builders have been designing and applying patios for residential customers over the past decade. Since 2012, we've had our hands in the concrete so that we can create beautiful works of art that complement any backyard.

It doesn't matter how elaborate or straightforward you wish your patio to be; you can count on our team to develop something that completely blows your mind! Please know that we only use the best quality tools and materials to get the job done according to your satisfaction. Did you know there are numerous designs and patterns that we can manifest into your brand new patio? There's nothing that our contractors cannot accomplish, from brick pavers to borders.

We are a fully licensed and insured business that takes your safety very seriously. You can count on us to follow all state and local building codes. Plus, we work very quickly because we know how eager you are to start using your new outdoor space. So, to get started, please call or email our RI deck builders to set up an appointment for a FREE design consultation.

patio installation rhode island
professional patio installation rhode island

How Does a Backyard Patio Benefit Your Property?

Have you ever wondered how to install a patio in Rhode Island? Your first step is to call RI Deck & Patio Builders! We love to create new patios for our customers and see their excitement over the finished product. Then, check out some of the benefits building a patio can bring to your home:

  • Increased Resale Value - Are you thinking about selling your home at some point? By installing a patio, you'll be elevating the resale value of your home by leaps and bounds.
  • Adds More Space - Instead of squeezing your guests into your living room or kitchen during a family get-together, you can now host parties on your patio! You'll be amazed by the amount of extra space a patio brings to your home.
  • A Winter Backyard Escape - Rhode Island sees some brutal winter weather, and spending time outside is typically out of the question UNLESS you have a closed-in patio. However, we can add loads of features and accessories to your space to make it accommodating during any time of the year.
  • Customized Design - The best part about our patio installation services is that you are in the driver's seat in terms of design. It's your patio, and it'll be made to look and function as you see fit.
  • Entertainment - By adding a patio to your home, you have many options on what to use it for, such as parties, relaxing, enjoying a quiet dinner with your spouse, and so much more!

We hope you'll choose us as your expert patio installers. To learn more about our patio design and installation practices, we encourage you to visit the company blog page for a wealth of information.

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Still Waiting? Today is a Great Day for RI Patio Installation!

We're here to give you the outdoor experience of your dreams. Our Rhode Island patio paver installation process is quick, efficient, and always on-point. The longer you wait to install your new patio, the longer you'll be deprived of all the benefits that this new space brings to the table.

Imagine being the house everyone wants to gather at because they know you have the best backyard setup. Now that's a boost for your confidence! In addition to adding curb appeal and a place for entertainment, the patio area keeps your landscape in check. Did you know that patios can actually decrease backyard flooding?

We think decks and patios are worth their weight in gold. Don't believe us? Please take a look at the before and after pictures in our photo gallery to see the wild transformations for yourself. You'll be glad that you did!


patio builders rhode island
patio construction rhode island

Rhode Island Patio Installation is What We Do BEST!

The Rhode Island Deck and Patio Builders exist to give you the outdoor space you've always wanted. Being a homeowner is an incredible experience because it gives you the chance to personalize your investment. What better way to do that than by installing a new patio? Check out our types and materials you can use for your new patio structure.

We also create patios, decks, and pergolas for commercial properties like restaurants, schools, and more. We make getting new outdoor features very easy, especially since our prices are the lowest in the local area.

Do you know that we also offer flexible financing solutions? When you meet with our consultants, you'll be able to ask questions about our financing options and how you can apply and qualify. Our top priority is fitting you with a custom patio that brings joy and entertainment for decades down the road. So let's get started today!



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★ ★ ★ ★ ★
The new deck that was custom designed by The Rhode Island Deck & Patio Builders goes far beyond what we ever imagined in terms of quality and appearance. The crew was respectful, and they worked quickly, staying on time and within our budget. We're simply delighted with our new deck!
- John & Tara Noble

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The Rhode Island Patio Builders is your one-stop-shop for deck repair, replacement, installation, conversions, and pergola services. We specialize in various styles and materials, so your outdoor space can be as incredible as you! Call us now to learn more.




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