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The joys of having a new deck at your home are incredible. Hiring the right deck builder Providence ensures the process goes down without a hitch. After all, you want your deck to be safe and sturdy so that you and your family can enjoy it for years to come. That's why our contractors are dedicated to only using industry-leading equipment and materials when constructing or replacing decking systems, patios, and pergolas.

We've been honing our deck-building skills since 2013. Over the years, we've been learning brand-new techniques and merging them with time-tested methods, and the results are always incredible. Do you know that we specialize in custom deck-building services? Please tell The Rhode Island Deck & Patio Builders what you'd like your decking system to feature, and we'll make it happen!

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See what our customers have to say:
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The new deck that was custom designed by The Rhode Island Deck & Patio Builders goes far beyond what we ever imagined in terms of quality and appearance. The crew was respectful, and they worked quickly, staying on time and within our budget. We're simply delighted with our new deck!
- John & Tara Noble
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High-Quality Deck Building- We've Got a Design for You!

Professional deck contractors in Providence like ours are dedicated to giving customers the best experience. We offer custom-built decking systems that can be curated according to your needs and likes. For example, would you like a deck to have a ramp or stairs? Handrails? Intricate details carved into the wood? We can make any of that happen.

You also have the option to choose which material is used in the deck-building process, such as wood, PVC, or metal. We also specialize in expert patio and pergola construction and installation. Are you interested in conversion services? No problem! There's no deck or patio too tough for our team to tackle. Get in touch with us now to discuss our affordable financing options.

Call or use our handy online contact form to schedule an appointment for a FREE design consultation and estimate. Soon, you'll be sitting on the deck of your dreams!


Expert Deck Builders & More in Providence, RI

Deck Repair

Sometimes a deck requires a nip and tuck due to an accident, age, or even weather-related damages. You can count on our team for fast and affordable repair services that quickly restore your decking to a safe and sturdy state. We can also replace your existing deck if a repair isn't possible.

Sunporch Solutions

Our deck builders in Providence also specialize in sunporch construction with quality workmanship. There are numerous ways to incorporate a sunporch into our home, and we have the blueprints to prove it. Are you ready to add a sunny spot to your outdoor space?

Perfect Patios

There's nothing like lounging on your very own patio while sipping lemonade on a sunny day with friends. Sounds fabulous, right? Well, let's get to work to make that fantasy a reality. Call our experienced builders now to schedule a FREE consultation.

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Our RI Deck Builders Have the Solution

Superior Experience

In 2013 we decided to take our deck-building skills to the next level and start our own business. However, our training and experience began well before that date. When our contractors are building your Providence deck, you can rest assured.

Flexible Financing Options

Deck companies in Providence, Rhode Island, like ours, make getting a deck, patio, or pergola more affordable! With our financing options, you can have your brand new deck installed for monthly payments that won't break the bank.

FREE Estimates

You may be wondering, or even a little concerned, over the cost of a new deck or sunporch. That's normal! We're here to ease your mind by providing a no-strings-attached design consultation complete with a zero-cost quote for your deck installation.
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Incredible Deck Builders at Your Service.

Did you know that great decks begin with skilled builders? The Rhode Island Deck & Patio Builders are changing the world one deck at a time. Are you our next success story? Call us at (401) 756-1155
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